Hello Fellow Ego Scootees!

I take delivery of my brand new Ego Street Scoota on Saturday morning 31st July, all taxed (tax is free but you still need a disc), plated and street legal courtesy of Northwest Scooters. I’m also getting a spare battery so I can do a 60V upgrade as other owners have done. The whole shebang, including backbox, DVLA registration, plates, tax disc, and extra battery came to £710 + £60 delivery.

The helpful staff have just furnished me with my reg and VIN numbers for the purposes of insurance, and I’ll set that up tomorrow, July 31st (ignore the date on this post, long story) with my chosen insurer Bike Sure. Their quote: FULLY COMP – £220, TPFT – £147, and TPO a mere – £107!  …. Mods OK! 🙂

See “The Insurance Hunt” blurb on Nig’s site for details of the other quotes I got.


One Response to Hello Fellow Ego Scootees!

  1. Gerald Collis says:

    Where can I purchase new batteries for my Ego Street Scoota. I have a 5/6 year old scooter which has done only 14 miles, yes 14 miles and it has duff batteries. I have tried many battery suppliers and no one can supply replacement batteries. A scooter with no batteries is not a scooter, it is just a load of spare parts. Regards to all.

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