Time to start modding…

Today I put air in the tyres to 34 psi, as other riders have advised. The pressure was only at 20 psi before, and it’s not handling quite so sluggishly now.

I’m starting to assemble the bits and pieces I’ll need for the 72V Upgrade that is becoming so popular. I’ve ordered a 12V 10A PSU that I can mod as per Mike’s instructions to replace the existing converter, and I’m looking at 72V controllers. I’ve found one that looks reasonably priced, but I want to make sure it’s the same that everyone else is using, so I’m making queries on the Electric Motoring Forum.

One thing that is really starting to bother me is the feeble turn signal indicators on the instrument panel. They are practically impossible to see in daylight, and I am constantly forgetting to cancel them because there’s nothing bright and blinky to remind me that they are actually on. I’ll make enquiries into how to replace these with something functional, and changing these will probably be the first thing I do.


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