Front Disc Woes

The new disc was shipped to me on Saturday, the day I got the bike and noticed the nasty front-end knocking. It arrived this morning – how’s that for service? Fitting it was fairly straight forward, once I’d figured out the hard way which way round it’s supposed to go on (doh!). The disc has recesses for the three bolts that hold it on, and this is the side that’s meant to face out when it’s attached to the wheel.

The whole job took about 20 minutes, and – once on – the front wheel span nicely, with just a mild, metallic scuffing noise that was due purely to the disc being completely unused and not ‘bedded in’. I took the reassembled bike for a spin and it all worked fine, with no nasty juddering of a warped disc bashing against the calipers. 🙂

For the benefit of the faint-hearted or inexperienced, I’ve put together full instructions with pictures under “Changing The Front Disc“.


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