At last I can see my Turn-Signals!

Today was like Christmas!

As well as getting a new (well, second-hand) gas oven picked up and fitted, I also got loads of electronic bits and pieces in the mail, some for the LED bulb upgrade I wanted to get done ASAP, and the rest for the 72V upgrade. I’m meticulously documenting everything I do, so hopefully future upgraders will have an easier time of things. The LED indicator warning light upgrade is now fully documented, complete with photos, expanding on Ian’s original instructions.

Amongst my haul that arrived this morning was the LCD PSU to convert into a 72V adaptor, and the three-ways connectors to build it. I just need to figure out how to supply power to it in its original condition so I can test that it works before I start tearing it apart, which should be tomorrow! I also got the 12 volt 1 amp relay and the 1N4148 diode, which are needed for the power meter to work properly with the upgrade. I’ve also excavated most of my electrical tools, crimpers, and wiring bits and pieces, as well as a couple of decent 12V battery chargers.

The downside of purchasing small components is that it is now virtually impossible to buy single resistors, or even packs of ten or so, so I ended up buying Maplin’s pack of 480, which wasn’t particularly pricey, but now means that I will probably never get to use a fraction of them even if I live until a million. If anyone wants resistors, they can PM me and I’ll give them a c/o address where they can send an SAE to me. Payment can be in the form of a first class (unused) stamp or two – I can always use those…

Thanks, again, to Ian for his continuing support and help with identifying and locating the bits I’ll need, and to Mike for his existing documentation on the PSU modification and battery & controller system upgrade. I’ve decided I’m going to build bigger and beefier battery cables while I’m re-building. The welding-grade cables that Ian and Mike are using look like an excellent idea.


One Response to At last I can see my Turn-Signals!

  1. hohisilver says:

    I know it’s probably a bit late now, but now that Maplin generally don’t do low-quantity discrete electronic components any more, here is a site that does:

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