‘Voltage Curve’ Experiment – 9 August 10

This was an experiment I did to chart the range of voltages my batteries ran through as they went through a cycle. It isn’t a true test of range or longevity, in that I had already used the bike for a run of about five miles the day before. But what I wanted was an idea of the bikes operational voltage ‘window’. The bike was also run at night, with the lights on. But this was OK because a quicker discharge was desirable for my purposes.

For the purposes of this test, my bike was returned to its 48V configuration so that I could also chart the behaviour of the existing battery meter in relation to the decline in voltage. I stopped every few miles and took a reading of the total voltage, and divided by four to get voltage per cell.

There were only five readings over the course of 14 miles, but it did serve to give me an idea of the operating characteristics of the bike in realtionship to the voltage.

Voltage Total Voltage/Cell Miles
51 12.75 0
49.6 12.4 4.2
48.8 12.2 7.6
47.3 11.825 12.3
46.4 11.6 14

The results was the following chart:

I ran the vehicle until it was clearly struggling and I felt that it would be harmful to discharge them any more deeply. The starting voltage was 12.75V, and the final ‘terminal’ reading was 11.6V.


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