Front Wiring Loom

Behind the Front Access Panel

  • A – Ignition/Lock Cylinder
  • B – Indicator Flasher Unit
  • C – Horn
  • D – Cable to Front Light Assembly

Front Light Assembly

4 Responses to Front Wiring Loom

  1. Dave S says:

    Hi Zenid. Congrats on a very well presented and useful blog. Dipped beam has stopped working on my scoota. Was investigating how easy to change the bulb, and now realise (from your blog) it is much easier than was obvious, when I cursed the non-availability of a workshop manual.

    When you have changed parts (e.g. front brakes), are the replacements easy to source? Can you by any chance tell me the spec (and source if poss) for the headlight bulb, so I can hopefully finish the job next time?

    Many thanks.

    • zenid10 says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to see that my efforts are helpful to people. As you might have read, I just recently had to replace the headlight bulb, and I’m happy to report that the bulbs are a fairly commonly available type that I was easily able to get from my local moped shop parts department.

      The headlight bulb is a standard twin-filament 12V, 35W bulb of “E1” fitting. Obviously it makes sense to just take the old bulb along and show it to them if you have one. I have a spare one from losing patience waiting for a mail order replacement. So if you can’t be bothered to go hunting you can have that one for the £4 I paid for it, but it was cheaper from the shop…

      I’m still a fairly new rider of this bike, so haven’t had to seek out replacement brake pads yet. But once again, just taking the old ones down to a suitable parts shop should get you a match.

      Alternatively, you could contact Terry of Northwest Scooters ( who always seems to have a ready supply of Scoota parts, or just post a query on the Electric Motoring Forum, which is well read and attended

      All the best

      • Dave S says:

        Hi Zenid, Just seen your response today regarding bulb, (after my post re circuit breaker and bulb). Be happy to let you have £4 for your spare heaadlamp bulb, if you let me know how to send payment.


      • zenid10 says:

        Hi Dave, I can send you a paypal payment request. I’ll email you so we can talk about this privately.

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