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[EDIT]: At the time of writing, I was just starting to stock 72V controllers. I’m now also selling 48V, 60V, and 72V chargers, converters, switches, and CellLogs. Click here for the shop.

It was always annoying to me that it is practically impossible to find new controllers for sale in this country. All the vendors – on ebay and elsewhere – appear to be based in China, which means a three or four week wait while our orders crawl across the planet to arrive on our doorstep.

This can be especially inconvenient if you rely heavily on your bike and suddenly find yourself with a kaput controller. If this happens then you’re out of luck, and it’s a case of doing without until your can get your hands on a replacement. It’s for this reason that I took the precaution of buying two of these, rigging both up with the appropriate connectors so that they were plug-and-play and ready to swap out in the event that one of them finally gave up the ghost and failed.

In the interests of trail-blazing the UK e-biker cause (and possibly even making a few quid out of it) I recently took a gamble and bought a big batch of these things. Keeping a ready supply of these around, I thought, should come in handy to the growing contingent of e-scooter owners who aren’t willing to settle for the soggy and disappointing performance of these bikes as they exist in their original form.

The ‘Hua Tong’ 72V Controller

They’re exactly the same brand (“Hua Tong”) as the first one I got from China which I am now using as a spare (see controllers).  In the tradition of these units, apparently,  the black/green wires of the throttle three-way connector are reversed, but can be switched before dispatch for buyers who want one less thing to do during their upgrade. These controllers are now for sale at Zenid’s Shop, for as long as they last. They don’t get much fresher than this either, at the time of writing these units are just three weeks out of the factory!

As fresh as they get!

I’ve set up a Zenid Shop link at the start of the categories menu which points to this page, so that the shop can be accessed from links at the top (there doesn’t seem to be any way of linking it direct from the categories menu). There’s also a proper link in the resources section.  I’ve called it “shop” in apostrophes simply because a proper shop doesn’t usually just sell only one item [apostrophes removed now that I’m selling more stuff!]. I’ll add anything else I might stock there in the future, or just shut it down if it’s a sorry failure…

I’m also considering getting in a batch of the 72-12V Thunderstruck converters, so that – similarly – people don’t have to suffer the three week wait (in my case, two months, with the first unit lost by the US Postal Service) to get the bits they need for their upgrade. Let me know if you think this is a good idea, here, or at zenid@zenid.com, as I’ll only do it if enough people seem to want them.

8 Responses to Zenid’s Shop

  1. paul.dawson4@gmail.com says:

    Hi what size are these controllers as i am building another ebike can the lvc be altered.

    Great blog i will start my blog shortly

    Paul uk

  2. zenid10 says:

    The specs are as in the ad:
    * Rated Voltage: DC 72V
    * Rated Power: 1500W
    * Rated Amperage: 45A ± 2A
    * Matching motor: DC brushless motor with hall sensor
    * Case size: 178mm x 85mm x 42mm (7.0 x 3.3 x 1.7 inch)

    These boards are preset for 72V systems with a suitable lvc. I’m not sure of the exact cutoff, but it’s one that’s typical for SLA battery banks (I think it may be 67V or so, but I’m not sure).

    To alter the lvc, you’d need to know something about electronics, and alter the relevant resistor value(s) to achieve whatever cutoff you’d prefer. If you want configurable parameters, you need a (much!) more expensive, fully featured controller.

    Glad to hear you’re starting a blog – I look forward to seeing it! Let me know the URL and I’ll add it to my blogroll on the main menu.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi zenid i see auraslip on endless sphere has the mod to run these controllers at 48volts do you now what it ,is as i can alter this one i have from you to 72 or 48 volts, it would also get you more sales as a duel power controller, http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=29964


    • zenid10 says:

      I’m still getting clarification on where the legs go, as I don’t have one cracked open at the moment. I’m awaiting delivery of more of these, and when I do I will be looking at a ‘dual-mode’ mod, consisting of a self connector a bit like the 60/120 degree one. When I understand fully how to do it, I’ll photograph and maybe document the mod, to help others do it themselves. Be aware though that you do stuff like this at your own risk…

      In mean time, just watch that thread. Hopefully he’ll clarify the layout for us.

  4. davina smith says:

    Hi I have just got a Eped City bike and I am trying to insure it. The trouble is it keeps asking for make and model I put E-ped city and I get nowhere. Do you know of any other name these bikes go by please? IE Yamaha,Honda ECT? I really hope you can help me? Yours hopefully Davina Smith

    • zenid10 says:

      I’m afraid that it’s practically impossible at the moment to get automatic quotes online, because these bikes simply aren’t listed by most insurers yet – they’re just too new. You have to call up the insurance company the old fashioned way and get quotes. These bikes often go under the names Saiting, Dichao, Haocheng, Xinling, UK Eco or GoSpeed but you should use the one on you vehicle registration document. I went with Bike Sure, but there are others that cover electric bikes too. Check out Elecric Motoring Forum for more discussion on insurance.

  5. davina smith says:

    Cheers Zenid10, I have found a insurer called Ramdale but I get half way thought filling in my details, it comes to when would i like to start it from I put the 21st/03/2012 and it tells me that it can not except a qoute 45 days in advance? well I dont think the 21st March 2012 is 45 days in advance or am I getting it wrong somewhere? Ive tried asking them but i just get fobbed off. Do you or anyone know what it means by any chance please? Thank You for the details above. Yours Davina Smith

    • zenid10 says:

      Sorry, I’ve no idea. I can’t understand why they fob you off. Call them and ask to speak to a supervisor, or else find somebody else who are more helpful.

      Best wishes,



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