Generic 72V Controller

April 3, 2011

72V Controller

Generic 72V Controller (available here)

Alternative “A” & “F” power wires with ring connectors

  • A – Main Motor Power Feed (R +72V, Bk Gnd): To main battery bank +/- terminals
  • B – Phase Wires (Bl, Gr, Y): To corresponding wires on connector block.
  • C – Hall Sensor: To corresponding connector on loom
  • D – Throttle Connector (Bk, Gr, Red). Warning! – Wires in connector may be reversed.
  • E – Brake Cut-off (W): To brake/sidestand 12V line (meets 2-pin Gr, R/Bk connector on loom with F)
  • F – Controller Power Feed: To R/Bk in 2-pin Gr, R/Bk connector on loom with E. (N.B: This spade fitting comes as part of the A connector)
  • G – Cruise Control Switch: Short to ground briefly to set cruise level (for use with button)
  • H – 60°/120° Option Switch: Open for 120° (Ego Motor  is 120°)
  • J – ‘Alarm’ (details unknown)
  • K – ‘Alarm Setting’ (details unknown)

Connectors on Generic 72V Controller

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