Accessing the Headlight & Front Wiring Loom

Half the battle is finding the ‘trick’ bolt, hiding under that naff sticker on the front.

Two screws either side of the ‘cockpit’ also secure the front panel.

Two more screws secure the little ‘peak’ at the front’s base.

This needs to be slid off to allow the front panel to be released.

Once removed, the front panel – with a little encouragement – will slide down to reveal its innards.

The panel can be removed by detaching the connector for the headlight cable.

Et voila! The lock assembly, indicator flasher unit, horn and headlight assembly are all now accessible.

5 Responses to Accessing the Headlight & Front Wiring Loom

  1. hohisilver says:

    I’m upset now. I never had that naff sticker!

    So I’ve always known about that bolt…

  2. zenid10 says:

    Hehe… Lucky you, on both counts!

    But don’t fret, Terry has a supply of spare naff stickers. I got one thrown in when I ordered some other bits to replace the now-slightly-crumpled one.

    At some point I’m going to get something sexy looking to go over that bolt… I’ve definitely got to do something along the lines of the ‘super sport’ bling you added to yours! …I was thinking “72V” in chrome, perhaps.

  3. hohisilver says:

    Something waterproof wouldn’t be a bad idea. After a year and a half of riding in all weathers it is looking a little rusty.

  4. hohisilver says:

    Finally had need to use your instructions this evening as the horn has recently started sounding a bit feeble – don’t know how I would have got on without them, thanks 🙂

  5. zenid10 says:

    You’re welcome! It’s nice to know that it came in handy… 🙂

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